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Religious Liberty Resources: Marriage

Marriage and family are the foundation of civilization, the seedbed of virtue, and the wellspring of society. Properly understood, "families" are formed only by ties of blood, marriage, or adoption, and "marriage" is a union of one man and one woman.


Supreme Court's Marriage Ruling is Shocking Abuse of Power, Will Never Be Accepted


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Congress should support your freedom to believe. Urge your members of Congress to support the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA).


Panel Discussion

Obergefell: One Year Later - Dr. Paul Sullins, Mark Tooley, Travis Weber


Policy Lectures

Truth Overruled: The Future of Marriage and Religious Freedom - Ryan Anderson

The Supreme Court and Marriage: What Happens after the Decision?

Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage - Paul Kengor



June 2016

One Year After Same-Sex Marriage Decision, Dissent Not Permitted by Travis Weber

Why same-sex marriage will pave the way to polygamy by Peter Sprigg


2014 - 2015

Court lacks moral authority to redefine marriage by Tony Perkins

Why Do Courts (and the Media) Ignore Federal Precedent on Marriage? by Peter Sprigg 

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Starts New Religious Freedom War by Ken Blackwell

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Is Another Roe v. Wade by Cathy Ruse

Redefining Sexual Sin Won't Make a Wrong a Right by Rob Schwarzwalder

Will marriage ruling jeopardize critical private-public partnerships? by Ken Blackwell and Travis Weber

Freedom yes, redefining marriage no by Peter Sprigg

Same-Sex Marriage Threatens Tax Exempt Status of Educational Institutions by Travis Weber

If Marriage Is Not About Procreation, Why Is It About Sex? by Peter Sprigg

The wrong argument against traditional marriage by Paul Linton and Peter Sprigg

Marriage Is a Religious Liberty Issue by Travis Weber

When Push Comes to Poll... by Tony Perkins

The Altar Not Ours to Alter by Tony Perkins

10 Myths About Redefining Marriage by Peter Sprigg



Critical Analysis of Obergefell v. Hodges by Travis Weber

Can Pastors and Churches Be Forced to Perform Same-Sex Marriages? by Travis Weber

Does Same-Sex Marriage Mean the End of Tax Exemption for Churches and Religious Institutions? by Travis Weber and Lindsey Keiser

Marriage at the Supreme Court: Why One-Man, One-Woman State Laws Remain Constitutional

Marriage, Polygamy, and Religious Liberty by Peter Sprigg and Travis Weber

Understanding Windsor: What the Supreme Court Ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act Did — and Did Not — Say by Peter Sprigg

Complementarity in Marriage by Rob Schwarzwalder

The Bible's Teaching on Marriage and Family Brochure by Andreas Kostenberger


Other Resources

The Unexpected Harm of Same-Sex Marriage: A Critical Appraisal, Replication and Re-Analysis of Wainright and Patterson's Studies of Adolescents with Same-Sex Parents - Marriage & Religion Research Institute (MARRI)

More Original Research from MARRI

The National Marriage Project

Focus on the Family - Marriage Resources

Marriage: Unique for a Reason - U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops